Live Well Investment Belief System

Heirloom Live Well Investment Belief System

It is our belief that the key to your financial independence is simple – have a plan and implement a comprehensive, common sense approach to investing designed to work towards your plan goals. That common sense approach is to invest money with a focus on income generation, and income growth. Through the cultivation and reinvestment of assets we put the power of compounding to work for you. We feel compounding is fundamental to building your wealth and we strive to create cash flows you can rely on to meet your future spending needs. This is what drives our investment process and is the foundation of our portfolio construction. We are confident that your financial goals and well-being can be pursued by implementing our planning process and putting the tremendous power of compounding income to work for you.  Please note that rebalancing investments may cause investors to incur transaction costs and, when rebalancing a non-retirement account, taxable events will be created that may increase your tax liability.  Rebalancing a portfolio cannot assure a profit or protect against a loss in any given market environment. 

Heirloom Live Well Portfolio Design

With a focus on developing a rising stream of income for you in mind, we utilize recommendations from our research team of seasoned and accomplished industry veterans to determine strategic asset allocations. With access to thousands of investments, our investment committee implements our proprietary process to choose securities for portfolio construction which align with our strategic allocations. In addition to our robust internal research resources we also incorporate ideas from multiple third party research firms. Moreover, as part of our ongoing due diligence we work with outside firms to assist with overall portfolio construction each year. These firms include JP Morgan Chase, Fidelity, Pimco and others. Portfolios are re-balanced annually and adjusted throughout the year when necessary as determined by our investment committee.

Heirloom Live Well Strategy Selection

With a solid understanding of your goals and priorities we begin a conversation about the appropriate investment strategy for you. We have multiple strategies to work towards your individual risk tolerance and return objectives. Education is the key to our mutual goal of success; we want to help you understand our planning process and investment approach because these important financial decisions directly impact your life. Disciplined investment strategies are the foundation of our asset management process and working towards your financial goals depends on maintaining discipline and sticking to our agreed upon plan. Investment strategies are designed to achieve successful results as measured by your Live Well Plan Index Score. We will meet regularly to ensure we are on the same page and truly understand your objectives so that you never again need to question where you stand in relation to pursuing your financial goals.   

Investment Considerations

Our portfolios may contain a variety of different publicly traded securities at any point in time. Securities may include Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), as well as individual stocks, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) and master limited partnerships (MLP). With an MLP it is worth noting that it will generate K1 tax forms in conjunction with your 1099’s annually. We are happy to combine and relay all necessary tax documents to you and/or your accountant in a single package, just let us know. While we work to keep portfolios tax efficient, before implementing any investment strategy we always recommend consulting a tax professional as we are unable to provide tax advice. 

While securities held in your portfolio may change the overarching investment objective you select will remain constant. If you wish to discuss any specifics with us in regards to the underlying securities that are/may be held in your portfolio or restrict any particular security or type of security within your account please let us know so we can discuss further.