Live Your Best Life Possible

As Seen in The Wall Street Journal

Managing partners Micheal Euston and Micheal Miller have a lot more in common than first names. Euston and Miller both spent 10 years working with Wells Fargo before starting their own firm with a desire to be independent, create their own culture, and follow their investment philosophy.  They've built Heirloom Wealth Management with a singular focus on helping clients live their best lives possible using the firm's proprietary Live Well Plan. "We believe that we have an understanding of our clients beyond their money," says Michael Euston. "Our passion is working with our clients to develop and design a Live Well Plan and index so that they always know their progress in terms of working towards their goals."

To accomplish this, the team of six financial advisors at Heirloom Wealth management works closely with each client to develop his or her own unique Live Well Plan, which takes into consideration the client's big picture, including current resources, future goals, and hopes and dreams. 

"We have a strong conviction in investment strategies that take a common sense approach to investing that focuses on putting the power of compounding to work for our clients," explains Euston. "We are more concerned with strategies aimed at providing our clients with income stability and growth, rather than paying attention to the media and talking heading."

Heirloom's client base is primarily comprised of baby boomers, including business owners and C-suite executives who are either approaching or are in retirement. "The most rewarding part of working with out clients is uncovering opportunities which they might not have known were available to them," says Miller. 

As the company name suggests, an heirloom is coming previous and important, something worth keeping and protecting. "Our firm name foes to the core of what we are all about," says Miller. "It resonates with us. We seek to build and preserve our client's assets so that they live their best life possible."