Audited Performance

Ultimately, clients want to know their assets are working for them and performing well. Here at Heirloom Wealth Management, we manage our client's assets in-house. In-house portfolio management allows us to be tax efficient and cut costs in portfolio management fees passed to clients. We have taken the extra step of having our three main models audited by a Third Party for verification. "The Spaulding Group" performs these audits for us, and everything reported is always net of all fees and investment charges. We have a track record from 12/31/2015 that shows consistent outperformance in our client's portfolios against benchmarks and best-in-class Morningstar 5-star-rated funds. Below is the actual performance, net of fees of what clients' portfolios have done. When interviewing an advisor or firm to manage your life savings, it is a great question to ask if you can see their actual performance, not hypothetical, for the risk tolerance and investment objective you are considering.

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