Gabe  Pardue

Gabe Pardue

Associate Financial Representative

What drives me isn't just numbers and interest rates; it's the people behind them. I thrive on building genuine connections and helping others achieve their financial goals. Whether it's guiding clients through investment strategies or spearheading non-profit initiatives, my focus is always on making a positive impact. Beyond simply growing and safeguarding wealth, I'm committed to fostering genuine connections while securing our clients' financial futures.

Graduating with a Master of Science in Economics from the Colorado School of Mines and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Energy Management from Western Colorado University, my career path started in oil and gas development which equips me a unique perspective on tailoring strategies for our clients. I credit each educational institution and their respective communities for the integral roles in what I was able to achieve, such as being recognized as the 2022 AAPL Outstanding Graduate. This recognition underscores my dedication to excellence and my commitment to continuous improvement in all aspects of my life.

In my free time, I am actively involved in my communities. I'm passionate about giving back and supporting causes close to my heart, such as the Multiple Sclerosis Society- Colorado, and initiatives aimed at advancing energy solutions for those in need. Additionally, come fall, I dedicate time to coaching quarterbacks and football in my hometown, nurturing the skills and talents of young athletes. I maintain deep connections to my alma maters, Colorado School of Mines and Western Colorado University, actively engaging with alumni groups and supporting their initiatives as I aim to contribute to the next generation of emerging talent.

From a young age, sports have always been a passion of mine, including my days of collegiate rugby. When I am not immersed in studying for the Series 65, or CFP, you can find me embracing an active and adventurous lifestyle. From weightlifting to hiking, cycling to fly fishing, I find joy and fulfillment in seeking activity, even in this new sport called pickleball.

Driven by a genuine desire to make a difference and an energy for life's adventures, I'm on a mission to not only help our clients thrive financially but also to leave a positive impact on the communities around me. I seek to live by, "The way you do one thing in your life often reflects the way you do many things in your life." With a relentless pursuit of excellence and a passion for serving others, I aim to be more than just an advisor on your pathway.