Michael Cates MS, CFP®

Michael Cates MS, CFP®

Tax Advisor/Preparer

I took my first income tax class as a sophomore at Regis College (now Regis University), and somehow, I was hooked. My interest in tax led me to help friends and family with their tax returns, and educate them on tax issues. Teaching friends and family about tax turned into a desire to share this knowledge on a broader scale, and in 1987, I joined the Academic Department of the College for Financial Planning. Initially, I worked primarily doing research for the courses that would become the core courses in the College’s Master of Science Degree Program.

While at the College for Financial Planning, I earned my CFP® certification, and a master’s degree in Personal Financial Planning, with an emphasis in Income Tax. I wrote, and taught, the Income Tax materials used in the College’s CFP Education Program, and developed income tax courses in the Master’s Program. After several years as a professor, I went on to become the Senior Director of Certification Programs—responsible for overseeing the development of the CFP Education Program and the review courses for students preparing for the CFP Board Exam, as well as the College’s proprietary designation programs. I currently serve as an adjunct professor with the College, teaching and developing Income Tax courses in the Master’s Program.

These days I devote most of my time to my tax practice. I currently do tax preparation and planning for more than 120 individual and small-business clients, and am excited to now be working with Heirloom.

Tax Services are separate of Heirloom Wealth Management and are offered directly thru Michael Cates.