Why Our Clients Choose Us

Heirloom Wealth Management is a fee-only boutique wealth and investment management firm committed to delivering individualized guidance and an exceptional client experience to a select group of individuals, families, and foundations both locally and around the country.  Our mission is to become an integral partner to our clients as we collaborate on the design and implementation of their “Live Well Plan”.  Our commitment to this mission is defined by three core principles.

I. Collaborative Approach

  • In-depth discovery helps us gain an understanding of our clients at a deeper level to help them prioritize and articulate what is most important.

  • A personalized "Live Well Plan" is created to show clients where they stand today along with what can be improved, developed, or changed.

  • Clear recommendations that are designed to spell out options, simplify complex issues, and ease decision-making.

Clarity: Clients are able to envision their best life possible

II. Individualized Guidance

  • Experience, a team approach, and a commitment to ongoing education allows us to innovate, provide, perspective, and filter out noise for our clients.

  • A rule and principle-based investment approach that is diversified, risk-managed, and tied to each client's stated objectives in their "live well plan".

  • Ability to leverage resources and collaborate with outside experts allows for a comprehensive focus and full integration of our clients' lives

Confidence: Clients feel comfortable knowing they work with a caring and competent team of advisors

III. Personal Attention

  • A staff-wide commitment to continually exceed client expectations around accessibility, responsiveness, and follow-through.

  • Ongoing communication helps clients track progress against their "Live Well Index" while allowing for anticipation and education around future needs.

  • Taking an interest in our clients' lives and passions creates clarity around evolving goals and priorities, while maintaining understanding and trust.

Peace of Mind: Clients experience the assurance that comes from a long-term working relationship.